7 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan

Neil Tuckwell has taken his many years of experience in business in a wide range of fields and developed a business planning process that forces business owners to look beyond their immediate “to-do” list and into the future.This business planning process empowers the business owner to build a roadmap for the long term success and prosperity of their business.

Many business owners are hesitant about writing a business plan because they don’t understand what a business plan is, they don’t see the value, and they don’t know how to do it. The business planning process described here addresses all these concerns.

The Working On Your Business approach is a FREE business planning process that consists of 7 simple steps to help you develop a formal business plan that is solely for you, the business owner. This will allow you to focus on successfully managing and growing your business."A tool that will no doubt prove to be a great benefit to a lot of people"

Step 1: Description of the Business
Step 2: Honest Assessment of Where You Are Now
Step 3: Setting Goals
Step 4: Strategies to Achieve The Goals
Step 5: The Business Plan
Step 6: Action Plans to Implement The Business Plan
Step 7: Monitoring and Review

"Your work is a very useful contribution to the genre"The outcome is an operational Business Plan just for you rather than a third party such as a bank or investor. The business planning process increases your management skills, leadership capability and allows you to work on the business, not just in it.

The Working On Your Business approach has been developed specifically for small to medium size operating businesses. For micro businesses and start-ups a simplified approach is recommended.