Micro Businesses
For a micro business (such as a one person consultancy) the internal business plan and associated business planning process can be simplified while still retaining the essential elements of ‘The Now’, ‘The Where’ and ‘The How’. Based on the intimate knowledge of the business owner and the simplified structure of a micro business such an approach is:

  • Worksheet 1 (and optional Worksheet 1A)
  • Steps 2,3 and 4 (Worksheets 2,3 and 4) can be replaced by a set of reasoned goals
  • A simplified business plan template consisting only of Goals and Actions instead of Worksheet 5 (as an example THE SIMPLEST BUSINESS PLAN EVER)
  • Worksheet 6 (or a simplified version)

Should the business grow beyond the micro stage it is easy to transition to the full business planning process set out in the e-book.

Start-Up Businesses
With a genuine start-up I recommend an approach consisting of:

As the business emerges from the start-up phase and the business owner believes they have a sustainable business you can transition to the micro business approach and subsequently to the full business planning approach.