As a Business Mentor I am always looking for articles and links on a wide range of business topics. The best of these I pass on to business owners who do not have the time to search for this type of information.

To make this material generally available I have created this RESOURCES page. If you are not able to access any of the links contact me and I will send you a soft copy version of the material.

Roles of a Mentor
An excellent presentation about the different roles of a mentor is available at Roles of a Mentor

Business Model
To understand more about a Business Model and how to describe it using a single page worksheet see Business Model

Starting or Buying a Business
For somebody starting or buying a business anywhere in Australia wanting a checklist of all the things to do the Australian Government provides an excellent summary Starting A Business Checklist

Online Marketing
A range of free e-books covering topics such as SEO, Google Tools, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is available from Hubspot

Australian Government
Support for SMEs

A comprehensive range of advice and support services for
eligible SMEs is available through
Enterprise Connect.